What is MS

Welcome to Cyn City
M.S. Stands for Multiple Sclerosis. I prefer to say that it stands for mighty sexy, which I totally am.

What is MS?
Let's pretend that this image I drew below with pastel's is my brain. The normal brain does not look like this but the brain with Multiple Sclerosis does. There are many lesions both big and small that are squatters in my brain. I refer to them as the holes in my head. They all have names and their own personalities.

 In a way it can be good. When crap goes wrong in life I can just blame the holes for all my screw ups. "What, Honey? The bank account's over drawn again? Damn holes must have overdrew it when they went on a cruise with out me". Those bastards!

How did I get it?
Well I wasn't born with it and I didn't contract it from a toilet seat at Denny's.Besides this, your guess is as good as mine.

Will I die?
No, one cannot be so lucky. M.S. Is a life sentence. The holes are all mine, we're sort of one of those forever families with the possibility of new additions to the family arriving in intervals. I can tell you also that the muscle spasms and weakness in my legs make me wish that it was a death sentence sometimes. I often devise plans that if I drank superglue it would fix the holes or raid then it might kill off those little piss ants. Of course I would never do this and you should never try this at home (or anywhere else).