Cynthia Parrott

Welcome to Cyn City

Cynthia Parrott was born in Rochester, New York. When she was 5 years old her parents moved the family to Dunedin, Florida. 
Growing up in Dunedin was great. Summers spent on the beautiful beaches basking in the sun and the euphoric sounds of the waves crashing along the white powdery sand along the shores. There where also great parties as a teen during Spring Break. Paradise for sure.
When she became an adult, she married (twice) and had three beautiful daughters in her own reflection. Lucky girls. For years she worked as a cubical slave for various insurance companies until M.S. became a part of her life. She decided that her future held more possibilities and potential than laying around feeling sorry for herself so she wrote a book, Ten Little Fingers. It was a modest attempt at writing and self publication but in the end it was senseless garbage. She then set out to be a famous Artist. Alas, it seems that her creations looked more like scribble. For a while Cynthia, her husband, and their 6 year old grandchild traveled around aimlessly from cruise to cruise, Vegas to Mississippi looking for a sign to her purpose in life.
 Finally she decided to work hard to pursue her dream of being a famous and artist. Please feel free to check out my art.